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    • Gem Type: 100% Natural Royal Blue Sapphire
    • Weight: 0.50 carats (Approx)
    • Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    • Length: 5.0 mm
    • Width: 5.0 mm
    • Depth: 2.8 mm
    • Colour: Vivid Blue (Royal Blue)
    • Shape: Round
    • Clarity: Transparent | VS – SI (Eye clean)
    • Treatments: None (Natural)
    • Certification: Available
    • Shipping: Worldwide(Free)
    • Birthstone of: September
    • Zodiac: Gemini
    • Healing power:Blue sapphire is regarded as a stone of mental focus and order, inner vision and psychic awareness. In chakra theory, sapphire is said to help open the third eye to receive wisdom and insight, as well as the throat chakra, which allows you to communicate that vision to others.It will liberate you from your inner prisons and mental sufferings that are causing you to be closed off emotionally.It will eliminate your depression and infuse you with light and happy moods, especially when combined with Dravite.This crystal will bring calm and focus to your mind and restore the balance in your body.
      • It will give you the strength of mind so that you will not be easily swayed by other people‚Äôs thoughts and opinions.
      • It will encourage a better understanding of yourself, and it will help you become more secure in your own wisdom and convictions.
      • It will inspire you to express your own truth to others, and this will bring your communication and relationship with them to a whole new level.

      * Sri Lankan(Ceylon) SAPPHIRE is well renowned for its healing powers and is most popular among the rest of the world.



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