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Pink Sapphire

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Launched in 2021, RORAGEMS is based in Colombo – Sri Lanka. Our business registration is WP/COL/DP/2023/00114. We are also registered under National Intellectual Property in Sri Lanka (No.249193) and a registered member of the International Gem Society(IGS-USA).

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sapphire sæfaɪər ياقُوتٌ أَزْرَق 蓝宝石 safir saffier zafiro safiiri saphir zaffiro サファイア 사파이어 сапфир ngọc bích नीलम Neelam, Blue sapphire-sæfaɪər-ياقُوتٌ أَزْرَق-蓝宝石-safir-saffier-zafiro-safiiri-saphir-zaffiro-サファイア-사파이어-сапфир-ngọc bích-नीलम-Neelam-gemstone-natural-top-quality-srilanka-ceylon

Blue Sapphire

Gemstone-Edelstein-Edelsteine-ジェムストーン-宝石-Pierre précieuse-Pietra preziosa-Ädelsten-Piatră prețioasă-보석


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